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Minimize the Risk to Your Mission-Critical Technology Systems

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for many organizations in order to protect their brand, the trust of their clients, and their ability to operate successfully. Organizations will struggle to protect critical business assets if they are not assessing their existing security position and implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy. 

At Plus+, we take a comprehensive approach to our security assessments. We first examine the key drivers of your business in order to identify your vulnerabilities. If we find flaws in your organization’s security, we determine the cause of the risk to prevent it from reoccurring rather than simply remediating the current vulnerability. Our Risk and Control Assessments evaluate cybersecurity the same way as a hacker looking to exploit your system, and assists you in developing a long-term strategy to mitigate your current and future risks. Our assessments help your organization launch an effective security strategy. 

Risk and Control Assessments


Cybersecurity attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, with the number of targeted attacks by cyber-criminal groups looking for sensitive data continuing to rise. As a result, the need to identify vulnerabilities and their associated risks have become even more critical. 

Simply carrying out an annual risk assessment and repairing issues in your network, applications, and databases are no longer enough. It is imperative for your organization to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that enables you to assess why vulnerabilities exist and prevent them from reoccurring. 

Plus+ helps you meet these needs with our Risk and Control Assessments.  We take a comprehensive approach to identify the unique risks and vulnerabilities your business faces and develops a complete strategy with you to ensure the security of your data assets.

Vulnerability Testing

Plus+ offers Vulnerability Assessment and modeling exercises either as part of our Risk and Control Assessment or as a standalone option. Our process enumerates each live host, open port, and available service during the assessment timeframe. We identify system- and network-based vulnerabilities, and focus on areas where a security compromise will have the most significant impact to your business. We identify technical vulnerabilities and errant configurations, validate existing controls, prioritize high-risk findings, and provide detailed remediation techniques to reduce the risk of your networked systems being compromised. 

The result is an accurate point-in-time depiction of your current internal network security posture. This assessment provides you with the necessary baseline to validate information security, program maturity, and compliance with corporate and regulatory security requirements, as well as a roadmap for new security initiatives. 

Penetration Testing

Unlike a Vulnerability Assessment, a Penetration Test (Pen Test) simulates a malicious attack and involves active exploration of your security vulnerabilities. The assessment often provides a more accurate point-in-time analysis as the attack jumps from host to host or vulnerability to vulnerability. 

Plus+ works with your organization to identify the Pen Test objectives, ensuring an accurate assessment of your organization’s security posture without disrupting production networks. Testing methodologies range from providing limited information to simulating a hacker profiling your business, to attacking development areas created to mirror your production environment. We also evaluate the social engineering aspects of accessing organizational information. 

The result of the Pen Test is an extensive report that contains a list of the activities performed, as well as recommendations to mitigate the issues discovered during the test. These results will be incorporated into your overall Risk and Control Assessment, which will ultimately help your organization design and implement a corporate IT security strategy. 

Other Services


  • Gap Assessment to a risk assessment standard (NIST or ISO/OCTAVE)
  • Risk vs. Maturity Assessment
  • Audit preparation and mitigation strategies


Regulatory Requirements


  • FFIEC Guidelines; Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Publicly-traded institutions (Sarbanes Oxley – 404)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Transmitting or storing federal data (FISMA)
  • Health organizations (HIPAA)
  • Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)
  • Export regulations (EAR; ITAR)
  • Privacy laws (GDPR)