Microsoft Services

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What Is Your Return on Infrastructure?

Don’t let weak infrastructure solutions limit your organization’s potential. Ensure your organization is delivering the best in innovation and customer experience with assistance from the Plus+ team’s infrastructure management solutions. CIO Magazine defines a new type of ROI – “Return on Infrastructure,” or Applications Business Value – Infrastructure Cost. In other words, the tangible value your infrastructure solutions provide towards achieving business goals minus the costs of creating and maintaining that infrastructure.

Today’s mobile workforce and global security threats put increased pressure on your technology infrastructure. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner across multiple competencies, Plus+ is the ideal partner to secure and extend your organization’s capabilities. Plus Consulting’s “business first” approach to IT strategy development enables your organization to define the right partnerships and strategies between IT infrastructure team members and the business units that rely on them, providing you a maximum Return on Infrastructure.

Microsoft Exchange

Our Microsoft Exchange services team consists of highly-experienced strategic delivery consultants working independently or with your team to ensure your Microsoft Exchange and collaboration environments are implemented and optimized to meet your unique requirements. We specialize in complex Microsoft Exchange environments that require consolidation, upgrades, and high availability. Plus+ brings efficiency and consistency to your technology planning, deployment, and utilization while reducing risk.

Microsoft Exchange features:

  • Anywhere Access – Users can retrieve email, calendars, and contacts from almost anywhere in the world using their computer, tablet, or phone
  • Seamless Integration
  • 25GB user mailboxes that integrate seamlessly with Outlook and can send attachments up to 25MB in size
  • Web-based Admin Console
  • Access to easy-to-use online management tools that let you administer user permissions and services settings, as well as set up email on your domain

SharePoint is a web application framework and platform that integrates your intranet, content and document management, system and process integration, and workflow automation capabilities. SharePoint is used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Whether in the cloud or on premise, Plus+ delivers SharePoint applications and related services that will help your organization connect with others, organize and share critical information, and discover new insights across your company.

Plus+ Portals

Take your business collaboration solutions to the next level and aggregate sites, data, applications, and more into a single-portal technology platform. The Plus+ team will help your company develop an effective collaboration strategy by connecting your teams in real time and providing access to a wealth of data and performance metrics at the click of a button.

By employing the latest in web portal technology, Plus+ makes the integration of your organization’s legacy applications easier than ever. Armed with the most advanced business collaboration tools available, Plus+ preserves your employee’s independence while enhancing teamwork across your entire organization.

SharePoint Branding

Branding, or building a cohesive image of your organization with your website, requires companies to coordinate domain names, brand names, design, and styling as an essential part of attracting clients to you organization. SharePoint offers the tools to help customize your sites to your organization’s needs.

SharePoint Intranets

An intranet is an internal collaboration site that allows your organization to share the information needed to conduct all of your business processes. Intranets can harness the power and potential of your company and multiply it exponentially. Information is power, and a SharePoint Intranet helps you manage the vast amount of information created within your organization. Your organization’s users can effectively and efficiently collaborate and manage information internally. Whether through analytics or document collaboration, SharePoint and Plus+ can help your team meet all your business needs.

SharePoint Extranets

An extranet is a private network that enables your organization to connect with clients, partners, vendors, or suppliers. An extranet helps your team share specific information only with certain people or groups, allowing you to effectively communicate with them.

System Center/OMS

System Center delivers a simplified datacenter management experience to keep you in control of your IT, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or across multiple platforms. System Center extends the capabilities of Microsoft Operations Management Suite to give you greater visibility and control of data and applications that live across multiple systems. Plus+ can help you develop the appropriate strategy to meet your business goals with System Center and OMS.

Virtualization / Hyper Converged

Plus+ empowers your organization to choose the correct virtualization technology to support your current and future needs.

Virtualization provides the following benefits:

  • Reduction of costs in:
    • Energy consumption
    • Cooling
    • Physical space
    • Hardware and maintenance
    • Virtualization clusters
  • Making critical services highly available by allowing failover of essential VMs to another host if the original host fails
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Capabilities-With the use of SAN storage and SAN replication to the disaster recovery site, we can reduce the complexity and cost out of DR