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Ogilvy Worldwide

A CRM solution provides more efficient customer interactions, leading to more revenue-generating transactions. 

Technologies & Features

Ogilvy Worldwide is one of the world’s largest creative agency networks, providing advertising campaign development and management, brand development, public relations, and strategic planning services to their clients, consisting of many well-known household brands. In the U.S., Ogilvy frequently utilizes resources from their global locations to pitch their services to international brands. Ogilvy engaged Plus+ to implement SugarCRM to manage these international resources for scheduling, budgeting, and forecasting. 

Plus+ and SugarCRM provided Ogilvy  employees with an easy-to-use interface, allowing them to update opportunity information, as well as automatically structure and customize analytical reports for their management teams. Management teams can now segment projected revenues across discipline, practice, geography, teams, key accounts, and leadership positions. Teams and roles within SugarCRM have enabled a global audience to access information, allowing them to work smarter while limiting the exposure of information specific to a region or discipline. 

Thales Defense & Security, Inc

A CRM solution seamlessly integrates technologies, provides real-time data, empowers sales and customer service, and promotes user adoption. 

Technologies & Features

Thales Defense & Security, Inc. is a global organization serving defense, federal, and commercial markets with innovative communication system solutions for the ground tactical, airborne, avionics, and naval/maritime domains. 

Thales used an antiquated CRM system that suffered from a low user-adoption rate due to a poorly-designed user interface and an inability to interact with other systems and technologies. Thales was unable to report on organizational information, departments couldn’t track customer services requests and metrics, and no structured way to track data existed. The inconsistent data generated by the system due to the low user adoption hindered accurate forecasting across departments. 

Thales engaged with Plus+ for strategic guidance in choosing a new CRM system, which led to a planning and design project for a custom system built on Microsoft Dynamics. After the successful implementation of the project, Thales possessed a scalable, self-managed solution that integrates with other Thales technologies and creates a hub of valuable organizational information with an easy-to-use interface for maximum data consumption. Plus+ and Thales currently plan to onboard more departments into the CRM platform and expand the functionality of the system to include marketing automation, integration with their ERP, and a new customer service portal.