What’s New

As we enter December, users have had the opportunity to indulge in some of the new Dynamics 365 capabilities that the October 2018 Release offers. The latest release was packed with many new updates and enhancements in PowerApps, Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance and Operations, Retail, Business Central, and Artificial Intelligence. Power BI was enhanced throughout all of Dynamics 365 as well. This means that almost every component of Dynamics 365 has received updates that provide users with a sharpened, more effective customer relationship management application.


Dynamics 365 for Marketing introduced enhancements for integration within the application. Account-based marketing allows for the sales and marketing departments to work together to close more deals, as well as a more personalized marketing experience that allows users to focus on specific, high-value accounts. The October release offers an improved LinkedIn integration to generate enhanced Leads. The new functionalities will allow users to evaluate the success of your LinkedIn targeting, create journeys that react to submissions from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, integrate segments with LinkedIn-matched audiences, generate leads on the account level, and nurture leads using lead scoring based on LinkedIn.

Part of the release focuses on optimizing functionality and creating a personalized marketing experience. Microsoft added social listening, which dedicated a social tab to every customer journey. A new dashboard for social insights was introduced, as well as adding a marketing calendar to help users better organize their workload and encourages faster decision making. Microsoft improved the segment designer by providing more operators and an enhanced user interface. Custom analytics allows users to organize and present Contact interaction within the Marketing app. Language and geographical availabilities have been improved to include 33 more languages and expanded to include all markets where Dynamics 365 for Sales was already supported.


Dynamics 365 for Sales will be releasing many new updates in the upcoming months. October brought us extensibility in Relationship Assistant and a full set of new artificial intelligence capabilities. The AI capabilities range from suggesting talking points to predictive lead scoring to note analysis and beyond. Microsoft also introduced Playbooks, which allow users to automate tasks and activities. These tasks and activities can be searched and launched automatically, as well as used to track successful progress.

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service focuses on productivity, intelligence, and efficiency. Microsoft introduced Service Scheduling, which will enhance service quality and internal organization. The October release offers improved performance and accuracy with relevance search for knowledge management. Intelligence is used to suggest similar cases and knowledge articles. Service management is now under the Customer Service hub, enabling increased productivity, and the One Admin Center will be the primary resource to find information.

The Omni-Channel Engagement Hub offers many new features with the October release. This cloud-based hub allows Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to easily communicate with customers via live chat and SMS. New capabilities for agent and supervisor experiences, including unified routing and work distribution, will increase productivity and improve organization. Communication improvements were brought to users with live chat channel, SMS channel, and channel integration framework. The improved integration between the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Omni-Channel Engagement Hub will help performance measurements while also reducing costs.

The Unified Service Desk can now be used as a host for web applications using Microsoft Edge. The web client configuration experience was also enhanced in the October release by allowing users to configure the Unified Service Desk using the administrator app built into the framework.

Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service features new capabilities that will enable the creation of more realistic scenarios to empower field service organizations. Integration with Finance and Operations allows field service technicians to work more productively. Dynamics 365 for Field Service uses historical results from previous work durations and advanced pricing functionality to produce accurate forecasts. Better outcomes in customer satisfaction will result through entitlement and SLA functionality. New scheduling and RSO capabilities will help keep your organization organized and efficient.

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The October Release will continue to roll out upgrades that are currently in production as well as in preview environments over the next few months. The Fall 2018 release will follow.

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