Microsoft’s Version 9 release of Dynamics 365 offers exciting new features, including a more visually appealing UI, that will encourage user adoption. Visualization can help the user identify and highlight key data while making the interface more engaging. Icons for grids can be used to customize the UI. A good example is using green, yellow, or red bulbs based on priority. The goal is to show icons in a grid that correspond with an option set value.

In order to set these icons up, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a solution to store your customizations.
  2. Add the desired entity to the solution and make an option set field with the necessary options.
  3. Create web resource files in PNG format for each of the color icons. The icons should be 16×16 PNG files. The user may use solid colors or an appropriate icon.
  4. Create a web resource for the JavaScript. Below is a sample code that, once personalized with your lowercase field name, labels, and web resource names, can be used:

If the field was created before Version 9 of Dynamics 365, camel case may be needed for your field name in the code. There is no need to do anything with the userLCID parameter, as it gets added to the function automatically.

  1. Next, open the View where you want the icon to appear, click on the column header, then click ‘Change Properties’. Add your web resource in the dialog that appears, and type in the function name.

  1. Save and close and click ‘Publish All Customizations’ on the solution window.