​Application Development

At Plus Consulting, our Application Development practice evolved from our clients’ consistent need for a more customized solution to make the most of their software investment. Too frequently, the out-of-the-box solution does not meet business needs; and custom application development helps companies achieve a healthy return on investment, drive opportunities, and increase efficiency.

Although we typically work with clients to develop an IT strategy and aid in the evaluation of off-the-shelf solutions, we utilize a conceptual approach with a comprehensive, ROI analysis. If a custom application would better suit the unique requirements of the client, our multi-disciplinary Application Development team engages the client through all aspects of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) for their website and web-based applications.

Process and Strategy

With our team of experienced software development experts, we offer process improvement, leadership, and strategy services designed to enhance your internal development team’s ability to collaborate and deliver quality results quickly. We specialize in analyzing team dynamics, tools, and resources and designing optimized processes that are designed based on the organization’s culture.

Our Methodology

Our process involves all stakeholders in the application development process to discover and understand team dynamics. In our engagement, we’ll become experts on your process, business, as well as your goals and drivers to design a process that optimizes your ability to efficiently deliver value to your business.

Making it Happen

When our experts complete their analysis, only the beginning of the process improvement has been completed. We continue to work with your team to assist in implementing the proposed software development lifecycle & quality assurance strategies. From implementing new software, to training team members, we work to ensure that the process is rolled out and delivering business value as soon as possible.

To ensure the implementation was successful, we follow-up with key stakeholders every week for the first quarter after rollout to refine the process based upon team feedback.

Software Development

Our specialists have multi-disciplinary software development backgrounds, and as a nationally managed, gold-certified Microsoft partner, we are proficient in executing on a range of application development projects. We specialize in both application development and architecture. We strive to innovate and deliver software solutions that provide the highest degree of quality and business impact.

Custom Applications

Our team of expert software engineers builds scalable commercial applications by starting with a solid foundation. To ensure that your software can scale with your business growth, we develop applications and products that are designed to be easily maintained and enhanced for years to come. To accomplish this, our team of experts use proven patterns and technologies such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, Microsoft MVC, ASP.NET, and HTML5 / CSS3 to deliver high quality custom enterprise applications.

Enterprise Mobility

In today’s mobile-first world, from SaaS and mobile apps to BYOD initiatives, big data and IoT, Plus Consulting automates business processes and migrates them to a mobile environment. Enterprise applications exist within an ecosystem, and our team has deep experience in integrating all the standalone components into one efficient platform.

Our developers manage entire website implementations, from HTML templates to CMS integration, and ensure the site performs as well on an office desktop as it does on a tablet or smartphone.

Data Integration and Migration

With extensive knowledge of an assortment of databases and platforms, the Application Development team will migrate or update any database to a system that will scale as the business grows.

Intelligence and Reporting

With access to high-performance Business Intelligence reporting tools, including Microsoft BI Solutions, we make it possible for filtering, summarizing, translating, and interpreting patterns in the data you collect, ensuring our clients are producing straightforward and business-significant metrics.